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“Let the children be the best of them”


Our business is not simply to aid students in improving their academic and professional abilities. Rather, our mission is to showcase our students' unique skill set so they can be their best self. Our company believes that through rigorous academic planning combined with after school education our students will be able to become the best they can be.


At WeDo education our policy is to assess each student individually so our planning experts create a personalized method of instruction. This instruction is designed to cultivate a students desire to learn and enhance their education through individualized instruction, tutoring and workshops. 


We believe that getting into a prestigious university is only the first step on the road to our students' success. While many institutions perform this service our company goes several steps beyond simply getting into university, we plan for their professional futures. 


At WeDo our experts know that the first step to planning a person's future is to ensure that our students have strong analytical and creative abilities. Our method of instruction is designed to not only improve a student academic scores, but also change their attitudes towards learning through focusing on critical thinking and organization. We impart concepts onto our students that they will be able to apply to their academic and professional futures.


Through utilization of scientific self assessments, efficient tutoring, personalized classroom education and an expert Human Resources team we are able to give our students the best chance of success in their future endeavors. 


Our companies’ program does not end with a students university education. Our professional human resources experts are here to aid our students in planning their professional future. By combining academic and professional career planning we can give our clients children the best chance at creating an exciting and profitable future. 







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When children receive tutoring without a comprehensive academic plan, their studies are blind and inefficient, yet to give them a plan without tutoring is like trying to build castles in the sky. It is only when tutoring and academic planning work together that your children can discover the road to success and reach their full potential.

WEDO EDUCATION adheres to the educational philosophy of helping children become the best versions of themselves; instead of providing generic support, we believe in tailoring how we serve each student based on their unique skills and interests. With years of professional experience and a policy of continuous improvement through pedagogical research, we combine tutoring with academic planning to help our students enter their dream universities. Our highly qualified team can furthermore customize solutions for new immigrant families and international students who require extra guidance in adapting to Canada’s educational system as well as its cultural landscape.

WEDO EDUCATION helps children overcome the various problems that they encounter as they explore diverse fields. Using the scientifically backed Typfinder personality evaluation, we accurately identify what learning strategies work best and direct them on the right path towards achieving their academic goals. Our services include supplementary tutoring, training for competitions such as the Waterloo and American Mathematics Contests, and workshops on a wide range of important subjects. Our teachers understand how to quickly stimulate children’s creativity so that they can learn more effectively; through a responsive counselor follow-up system, parents can also communicate with the school whenever they need to.

The Key to Success is the Accumulation of Daily Performance.

North America’s educational system is quite different from China’s. Rather than their grade being determined solely by a final exam, children are comprehensively evaluated in Canadian schools through every quiz, presentation, project, and test. Every day in the semester will therefore have a significant impact on grades and university applications.

WEDO EDUCATION‘s unique teaching system carries the advantages of both systems because we use innovative and modern techniques while upholding the high work ethic that is expected from Chinese schools. We advise that if a child's performance in a certain subject area clearly needs improvement (such as a B- level or below), parents should help the child identify the core issue as soon as possible and contact a professional institution who can resolve that issue through targeted tutoring.  

Experienced Teachers with a Unified Belief

Our team is made up of many excellent teachers who are selected based on their adherence to the educational philosophy of WEDO EDUCATION. They all come from top public and private schools and are experienced in after-school tutoring. Each teacher has accumulated numerous methods and techniques to improve student performance and strictly follow our curriculum, therefore driving children to reach their full and unique potentials.

Class Division and Targeted Counseling

We provide an assessment test before tutorials begin, and according to its results, students are divided into different classes for targeted counseling. In tutoring sessions, teachers will work with the children to solve their difficulties, and students who demonstrate full proficiency in all disciplines can also preview the next year’s learning content under their teacher’s guidance. This thorough preparation allows children to hit the ground running and swiftly gain a sense of accomplishment.




Teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

All children have their own academic strengths and weaknesses. The large class teaching model that many schools utilize therefore cannot meet every child’s needs, and may instead cause students to develop bad habits such as passivity and distractedness. Canada’s education model unfortunately tends to encourage children regardless of their actual performance, thus often perpetuating an illusion of success. At WEDO EDUCATION, we tailor our curriculums, implant positive learning habits, and use the most effective methods for our students. Children come out of our programs with the same level of competitiveness as excellent students from top schools.

Counselor System

There is a growing gap between parents who came from abroad and do not understand the North American education system and children who grow up locally, creating pressure on both children’s studies and their lives. To solve this issue, WEDO EDUCATION established the teacher-counselor double-track system. Our counselors, who are proficient in the North American education system and familiar with North American culture, can not only resolve knowledge and communication difficulties in children’s schoolwork but also build an information bridge between children, school teachers and parents. Counselors will furthermore guide parents in becoming"professional local parents." We thus enable parents to understand their children's work, the school's detailed requirements and how to communicate smoothly with their children. Through the double-track system, children can integrate into the local culture, regain confidence and compete with local students.



Making children the best versions of themselves.

While academic performance is of course important, it is our ultimate goal to let children determine their career path as soon as possible. We encourage parents to explore their children's potential, learn what they are enthusiastic about, and cultivate the interest that is “right” for them. WEDO EDUCATION’s workshops will furthermore connect children with their ideal industries in advance, helping them to be positioned well towards achieving their goals. Our personal planning is the most suitable support system for clearly and accurately guiding children towards their dream careers. This will ultimately have the most positive and practical impact on their future and make them become the best versions of themselves, step by step.

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